Friday, July 01, 2016

Bye-Bye Design Museum Shad Thames and Red 123

An empty display space
Yesterday was the Design Museum's farewell to it's Thames-side location at Shad Tames - it's out of action a few months ahead of the improved bigger home in Kensington High Street due to open at the end of November this year.
Deyan tells it like it is

To mark the end of one era (and the commencement of another) a bit of a party was held and there were references to the former purpose of the premises as a banana warehouse!

The Museum director Deyan Sudjic  spoke about the past and his disappointment with Brexit decision was made obvious but he's up for the challenge of keeping London in his particular niche international and European.  

Sad to see the infamous (to DM visitors) Fish-tank empty of the Design items and sad to find many who will lose their 'Zero' hours employment for 5 months or so.

As we'd expect on such an occasion stories are retold about the 'tribe' - as if we're around the camp-fire.

Red 123

Odd that I've missed this iconic item and design (I did look at it when I first considered my topic)

One of those red's we take for granted in UK (but not abroad).

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