Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beats and Beets (Red 105)

Yesterday it was all about the Beat - it this case mainly BEAT the Borough of Ealing art Trail.

The initiative started about a year ago and I'd say what a bunch of artists (not always known for being the most  organised tribe) have put together is truly impressive.
Another Corner -A great space and my corner in it

What they've done as a bunch of volunteers working  puts to shame certain political parties where disharmony has all but wrecked them.

Ahead of the main meeting at an Ealing church hall the 'Four Musketeers of The Orchard Café '(part of the OPEN Ealing outfit) got together to agree our areas and how we'll organise - their was a good atmosphere between us and I think we'll have fun  - if not we've got Mandie to answer to.

I've even got a screen that I can show my 'Leap Year' project to date on.

I'm planning to have a few prints and set up to take Photo's too.

Part of the collateral we were given
What I liked about the main meeting was how well presented and inclusive discussions were - there have been many other similar projects run so there's a lot of experience we can draw on.
Another Beat -Chasing Deer

It was clear also that we've had some great people involved in the production and planning - professionals providing expertise in a 'pro bona' manner.

Red 105

Keeping with the Beet.

You've heard the expression red as Beetroot - well in fact it's a purple- y red

'He went as purple as a beetroot.'

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