Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rich Pickings (2) and Red 104

Last week we had a deluge of rain while we looked around Kensington yesterday it was a Thousand degrees on the streets around Sloane Square.
Statue of Venus Fountain

Rich Pickings is a fairly loose sort of tour of bits of West London and none the worse for this looseness - the season means that the streets are perhaps a little quieter than they might be and as we get away from the main roads - the true areas are revealed and their startling history (startling in terms of there being so much of them) .

Meeting outside the underground station we took in the Square itself with a statue (Venus Fountain) listed thanks to one David Lammy MP  and the Royal Court theatre , allegedly  birthplace to the 'Kitchen Sink Drama'.

Looking behind us at the King's Road (a road built for the King to visit Nell Gwynne and other courtesans) you can see the splendour of Peter Jones still looking remarkably modern despite its dating back to the 1930s.

Peter Jones- An elegantly designed departmental store with a nice café

The area around the Duke of York barracks has been revitalised and amongst the uber-pricey boutiques and the Saatchi Gallery is a statue to the mane for whom the area is named.

A statue to Sloane himself

Further along we saw the site of the annual RHS show where the Chelsea pensioners reside and the tree lined street that leads to it.

Impressive stone masonry for the 'Pensioners'

The tree lined Royal Avenue

Further on and we saw the registry office where many famous people tied the knot (including our tour guide)

The Town Hall

Also interesting to see that the Army Museum is being revitalised (with EU funds).

New revitalised  Army Museum

As the previous tour lots of Blue Plaques to see  and more of that later!

Red 104

These truly are our ice-cream days

Red Hot for Ice Cream

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