Thursday, June 30, 2016

'Botticelli re-imagined' and Red 124

A real bargain Tuesday Ticket 
As well as our free tour we took advantage of another of the V&A's bargain Tuesdays with a visit to the  'Botticelli re-imagined' exhibition   - just £5.00 and it's quite a thing to see both quantity and quality .

Having recently had a brief session on the Italian great at The National Gallery - it was useful (but a touch overwhelming) to see so much more of the art from him and his workshop as well as examples of pieces that were  influenced by him.

The idea behind the first part of the extensive exhibition is how much of an influence Botticelli  has cast over our present artistic sensibilities - works referencing Primavera and Birth of Venus were in profusion and included works by Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol.
A lovely book
The V&A - All around is splendour

An artist of our times with far more than a passing interest in Sandro Botticelli and a name new to me is Orlan - to be honest if they were contemporaries I fear Orlan might be incarcerated for stalking (and it's not just Botticelli that Orlan has referenced in her life and her work.

As well as the ticket being a bargain at the same time in the V&A shop I got the companion Botticelli Reimagined book to the exhibition for just £10, it's a lovely illustrated volume marked at £40.

Red 124

Berries in their red stage

They'll go redder

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