Sunday, January 01, 2017

The New Year (1)

Okay so 2017 is with us and I'm enthusiastic about it ..

amongst other things....
First £1 - See the equivalent later

Yesterday I saw a Youtube review of the Canon G7 Mark II by Vlogger Michaela (below) - I thought she did a very good job, I'm not sure if Canon do anything to reward her (or others who do similar) but good job Michaela.

Following the review I  have decided I'd like this for 2018 (or before) -

 What I'm going to do is put in at least £1 per day and record this too - it's a sort of equivalence record and once I reach the amount the camera costs (be interesting to see how the price changes too best I've seen so far is about £460 at eglobal central ) I'll buy it!

Faith & Religion

I mentioned a few days back the religious/faith project  I'm carrying out, as well as the Circumcision Day the 1st marks the Japanese  Ganjitsu festival- it's been running since around 1873 and is a family time (around 3 days in duration) when many visit Shinto Shrines or Buddhist Temples.

 I'm not sure if this Shrine is one that I can visit in London 2018

January 1st is also the last day of Hanukkah - the Jewish festival associated with Sanctified Oil - typically families spend time together, there are gifts as well as prayers and hymns. (in 2018 it'll be on December 10th)

Front Doors

Already seeing that this project isn't the walk in the park it seemed - I like this though, Wimborne sounds a bit like Tim Bourne.

Miserable day and I used my Canon SX 280 HS which is clearly not as good as the G16

Landscape view

And it's in W13

The First of the Series

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