Wednesday, January 25, 2017

De-consecration and (25)

So this is a rather fine looking church that is no longer a church

No longer God's House? (note the curtains)

Well oddly - as yesterday  I mentioned the United Reform Church -I find that this church was until 1991 that particular denomination.

Having seen it I realise that there are quite a large number of churches that are no longer used for worship (in a conventional sense anyway) - how does this work?

Another religious sign

The church was de-consecrated in 1991 I wonder is it that the congregation was too small (well you can see here an example of a flat there now) or that the money was needed to support the church?

Well de-consecration means that the site can be used for another building or the use can be then secular.

Oddly having looked up the procedure for the change of use service I saw a rather sparky interaction over the  Roman Catholic procedure but here's a reasonable run through of what might be done 

I suppose in reality that there are changes of use going on for churches near this one is a former cinema that's now a church - it's near St Aidan's Way. (the Irish Saint who restored Christianity to England - Saint's day 31st August ) 

Now at £35.50

More of the Doors

Corfton Road has number 25

The only information  on  Corfton that  I can find is that of a Shropshire village -the village being named for the nearby River Corve.

Through the branches we can see No. 25

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