Friday, January 13, 2017

Getting Older (13)

Mixture of visitors today at the Design Museum, School Groups and Seniors dominating which
works well for the new Pop Up Exhibition which runs until 19th February.

The exhibition, NEW OLD confronts the physical (things like support clothing) as well as sociological - one way of highlighting a long life is the books/knowledge that could be shared.

The knowledge of a longer life as book titles 

A lot of life 

In fact the issue (if we make it past potential environmental challenges) is that the balance of the population is going to change in terms of age - the headline figure for me was that 50% of newborns will live past 100 - how will marriages survive this? What doe this mean to employment (taking into account too how robotics and computerisation will affect work), I guess far more of us will have 'multiple' careers and engage more than once with higher education.

Part of the issue is our attitudes 

Big Pharma could be amongst the industrial  winners - with drugs helping us with the physical and mental challenges

Part of the challenge is the dichotomy of deterioration versus 'age is just a number'

Now £21.89

Doors and fund

I've got a £20 note in there now!

It's Friday the 13th!

Many of the doors to date have been painted and with glass - perhaps those that aren't feel suitable for less secure areas and arrangements?

Kirchen Road

A door that looks temporary and insubstantial 

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