Sunday, January 15, 2017

Being Liberal on Religon (15)

I'm minded (as they say)  to look at the project that comes after 365 Front Doors (which is a bit of a successor to my Final Leap ) to be something that is not set as a year or to be quite so visual - I'm hoping to be more transparent and clear about the goals - rather than finding them as I proceed.

Judaism - I guess it wasn't always able to be  Liberal 

Religion and Judaism 

Part of my aim is to (for me) understand the sweep of organised  faith.

As far as I can tell so far  many of the major religions Judaism is the 'root' of course this is well documented but perhaps is not shared so easily between different faith followers.

Judaism dates back about 3,500 years and Abraham is the figure who starts the whole thing having been selected by God who by dint of his 'true heart' was chosen to lead the Jewish nation and faith.

it is possible to interpret the religions of Islam and Chrisitanity of off-shoots of Judaism.

There are issues around Jewish identity -and a clear answer to the question are Jews part of an ethnic group or a faith has some caveats. (Look here to see some public names who have chosen to be part of the Jewish religion)

So to be brief it seems that following the Jewish Religion (Judaism)  is a matter of  choice but converting for those not born into the faith is quite an ordeal but many have done this.
Next it'll be over £25 now it's £24.19

Ethnically in fact it seems that there are; of the roughly 12 million Jews worldwide quite a range of sub-groups, the two major groups are those  with (Northern) European roots  (Ashkenazim)  with around 80% and those who have a link to Southern Europe (Sephardic) there is a third smaller group associated with the Middle East  ( a marginal group in some respects -Mizrahim).

I'm sure there's going to be a lot more on this topic  in the months to come.

Front Doors

Again in Kensington and another very beautiful front door -it could have come from Rural France.

I'm now thinking of creating a series of calendar prints around these (and last years) photos.

A  picture from my weekly visit to Kensington

A door that could have come out of the French Countryside - it seems reasonable to associate it with Eden.

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