Friday, January 27, 2017

The Danish Church of St Katherine (NW1) and (27)

More diverse Churches- this one spotted in the Nation's capital the other week.

The Church is dedicated to St Katherine and is a Lutheran place of worship which is undergoing some refurbishment
A rather charming sign.

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The Danish Church is like the English Church embedded in the state (established) but unlike the Church of England it started the ordination of women in  1948 and in 1995 had its first woman Bishop.

The Church retains its name  from when it was an Anglican Chapel of the Hospital  - St Katherine (The saint also also known as St Catherine) was tortured at the wheel for not renouncing her faith.

The Fireworks - Catherine wheels  are named after this saint.

St Katherine's in the Winter Sun

Camera Fund

Well £37.61 is now recorded 

My camera fund continues to grow - on subject of cameras check this Pinout device - looks great (for Nikons though)


I've started laying out the first month's Front Door photo's as a sort of calendar -which I may continue to do.

This one marks Friday 27th January.

Another road in W13 

Another Green door - I like the patterning in the glass

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