Monday, January 16, 2017

(16) and a 3D printer in action at London's Design Museum

The Design Museum is becoming well established in its new home - there are still plenty of people arriving and asking about the former function (The Commonwealth Institute) or just marvelling at the impact of the large open space as they enter but there are now returners and those who are 'members'.


The Work in Progress area on 2nd Floor of the Design Museum
Chairs are great exercise for Designers - and a history of chairs can tell us much about materials, design and production.

Just by the 3D printer is a Work in Progress area inviting visitors to imagine themselves as designers - there are topics suggested like a Family Coat of Arms - the chairs in the area are varied

I now have a list of the various chairs and their designers that surround the 'Work in Progress' area, have done a little research of my own and am looking forward to sharing this (on Friday mornings)  with visitors who express an interest in the furniture.

2 notes making £25 and  some coppers =£25.19

The Money and the Doors

A sign amongst signs 

'No Junk Mail'  for 16 Mountfield Road

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