Saturday, January 14, 2017

And when we were young (14)

Having been pointed at the ageing (unavoidable) from yesterday's Pop Up Exhibition I thought it'd be interesting to look at how I was a number of years ago and how I viewed life when I was younger (or how I think I did).

I met with some old friends last w/e and although we're all looking approximately our ages what is more interesting (to me) is how life has changed our outlooks only a little and how in many respects  our core attitudes, characteristics  and views are sustained despite what's been thrown at us.

The get-together reminds me of 7 Up TV Programme that Granada started in the 1960's

The old Wild Men (waiting for miracles)

First thing to note is that we've been meeting on and off for over 40 years and although (even more) immature when we met our core tastes and values were I guess already formed and have merely had the rough edges smoothed a bit.

We, as a group of 8 males  were studying in Wales in 1976/77 and at that time  a University flat. Between us we had/have a number of disciplines including the 5 remain-ers (who do keep in touch) we studied   Law, Business, Engineering and Science.

I unlike the others (I think) have got myself other Academic qualifications  that are slightly beyond my field but we've all drifted/moved from what were our primary  fields.

Only 2 of our group have children - which I guess is somewhat untypical - there are amongst us two who are only children (I guess this too is slightly unusual)

We are - now I think largely financially comfortable and 'liberal' in our views of the the three who are not part of the group one is still in contract with one of us (Steve) while the other two have slipped away one was a  Brazilian (Tony)  business student another who was from East Anglia (Martin) who was also studying Law - for us as a group memories of them are fading (as you'd expect).

Another thing is that we have someone who is passionately (?) environmental in outlook and another who is more than averagely (I think) interested in Politics (with a big P) - my judgement is that those with offspring, it seems to me have more day to day matters at the centre of their thoughts

One of the things about old friends I read (by chance) ahead of meeting up was from 'The Book of Life'  about the how friendship particularly with longstanding friends is life enhancing.

The idea here is that the Friendship is about who we were - I routinely (now) think back about how a younger me might evaluate where I now am - which I am largely happy with (but hopefully not too smug about).

One of our (people in general) difficulties is knowing what goes on in each other heads- are they happy- Are they showing their true feelings?

Now a big £22.89

My judgement is that if you measure against others discontent is pretty much inevitable but looking at  how close we are to meeting our own desires may leader to a greater contentment - the issues we now will face are those around  our waning powers and the greater evidence of our own mortality.


I think my routine will reveal some stuff through  my record of doors - I might try some sort of map to show my present day Flaneur like activity - Kensington likely to feature through my Design Museum activities.

Back near the Design Museum in Kensington

This abode  has the added element of a name -although it's not really a cottage 

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