Thursday, January 05, 2017

Caution and Care (5)

£6.22 and the fund grows
The dynamic between excitement and boredom  or danger and safety can lead us to be reckless but the idea that we all have something to offer means in normal situations we care far too much for the easy life and don't help others as much as we might.

What a marvellous example of helping others is offered by Sue Green (of Ealing) who is honoured this New Year for over 30 Years with the Samaritans, she's now an MBE  - Sue also helps raise funds for various charities by her organisation of the sale of Christmas cards each year in Ealing.

Faith and Religion

Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth Guru and an important figure in Sikhism - his birth is celebrated on various dates in the 'modern' calendar as it's 'attached' to the Hindu calendar it slips and slides- this year it's today (but also in December on Christmas Day) .

Gobind's leadership as well as making some restrictions for followers  was instrumental in the religion treating men and women equally.
A Splash

Front Doors

Oddly yesterday I made an error and got the wrong number -this though is a better version and enables me to use ther street used earlier  for number 6 - hope you're not too confused.

Colebrooke is derived from Cool Brook which is rather nice.

Another day
This doesn't look the greatest - Colebrook Avenue W13 

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