Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another one off on the Church Front and (22)

St. Sarkis sounds fun to start off doesn't it?

Well St Sarkis was in fact the saint of Love and Youth and the idea on the saints 'Feast day' (Feb 11the this year) of eating some salty bread to help you dream about your future partner seems rather charming, as does the story behind this Kensington Church which is (to me) surprisingly modern.

The church was commissioned by Calouste S Gulbenkian (an amazing guy little celebrated but who was remarkably Philanthropic too) to honour his deceased parents  and built in 1922.

Lovely Church in Winter Sun

Note the different character set of the Armenians 
A dedication from their son

Interestingly the Armenian Church believes in Apostolic Succession which (I think) has those in authority in the Church being descendants of some sort of the Apostles - this rule though, has  (of course) a number of interpretations.

It has (according to them) around 9 million followers.

Fun to watch it grow -£32.10

Front Doors

Here's a (very) commercial property- A seriously large set of numbers above a hotel door in Uxbridge RoadW5
This is the hotel #22  lives on

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