Saturday, January 21, 2017

Religion and Setting up the Chromecast (21)

As well as taking pictures of Front Doors - I can't of course resist taking  a snap of a good place of worship, here a church in Kensington, quite a different denomination and from the pictures I see worth going inside.

This is  a church that is part of 'The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria' and it seems that the split of this church from the Catholic Church is pretty hardcore in terms of the reason being quite complex for the man in the street .

St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church Kensington

It is what it is

The services and the guys leading them.


Fun to set up
Well having only just got the Chromecast device, I didn't hang around with setting it up - a bit of a challenge as it did for a while get stuck in an 'updating' loop before it had actually got connected but a good holding of the single button seemed to defeat it - then  getting the network caused challenging to but now working and quite impressive.

Youtube really has lots of educational bite-sized videos - enjoyed finding out a bit about Judaism (here's one I've not yet watched)  yesterday and will have another 'google' later today on related topics - to see a bit more on the Schism which is about the formation of Christianity (might look to see if there's anything on Orthodox Churches too)

Two notes and two 50p's = £31

More Front Doors

Earlier in the week I had a door (almost) I'd lived behind (Princes Road W13), here is a street that I spend some time on (in a house) again in Ealing.

[Seems that Hessel could perhaps come from the German language and relate to 'A man with a big Sword'- which sounds a bit of a double entendre as they say]
A somewhat faded road sign

Another good one with street name and a host of butterflies 

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