Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve and what we can do

As the year ends it's traditionally a time for taking stock and setting (or adjusting) our goals.

From me get ready for 365 Front doors along with a preliminary look at Faith I'll be recording highlights.
Amazing bargain 50p! and the same recipe Jane uses at Home

But looking back I really am reflecting on my good fortune - so many people with a more difficult hand to deal with (or have had dealt to them) than I and many it seems doing their best with exceedingly good grace.

And so it has been today for me - stuff that can be dealt with and some good luck, which (I think)  is the best one can expect.

It's interesting to learn that there's been something of  a return not only to tangible records and CDs but also books - there is undoubtedly a pleasure to possession and the opportunity to curate one's own space with a physical
artefact - 'Come on in to the exhibition of my likes' we might be saying at our front door.

They don't only say 'you're untidy'

As an example i'm on Chapter 6 of  'Small Pleasures' and also well into Marina Abramoić's 'Walk Through Walls I would describe the latter  as a more disturbing and honest book than any other memoir I have encountered and a strong argument for 'Analysis' for the protagonist.

 I'd be grateful for book reccomendations (or other items)  tips as we go through 2017 


Another pleasure has been the weekly roundup from Austin Kleon  (and his multiple tweets) - credit here to him (which is what his 'Steal Like An Artist' is all about)  for this excellent deconstruction of a 'project' -

So accurate.
[Congratulations to Sir Ray Davies, the former Kinks frontman and main composer - he's written some great songs and been part of a brilliant group]

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