Sunday, January 29, 2017

Politics in UK and (29)

Wow! the world of Politics is offering surprises by the day.

If I was still looking for Reds

What seemed like initially a good move by the UK PrimeMinister  to get in front of the new US President at the first possible opportunity appears to have backfired (certainly as far as the 'elites' are concerned) -Guilt by  association is a powerful meme to handle in these days of 24 hour news and our (UK) leader holding hands with a loose gun leader of the 'free world' is potentially an image that will run for years to come.

Listening on the radio this morning there was a hint that dissatisfaction with the performance at the top of the Government is growing and I wonder how long it'll be before senior ambitious figures in the party start making waves?

 ..and what has been good news from both sides of the Atlantic is that the role of 'The Law' is so important in protecting some of our 'rights' against the short term populism of Politicians. Quite impressed too by figures like former  Politicians (Madeline Albright)  and current Entertainers (Big Bang's Mayim Bialik) making principled statements.

£41.05 is Sunday's figure


In fact one of the street numbers I've been drawn to for some time is this number 29 - big bold and non-standard numbers but a small discrepancy on the level between the two figures.

Broughton Road Not far from the Uxbridge Road

29 but it's not quite level is it?

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