Tuesday, January 24, 2017

United Reform (24)

United Reform are two pretty good words.

And here's the epitome of it in another Church from what it seems is a rather liberal 'sect' of the protestant Christian movement (they voted last year to be able to conduct same sex marriages)  this is a  United Reform Church which is actually the result of a 'merger' between UK Congregational and Presbyterian churches in 1972 .

Not that many followers though it seems (52,000) but like an upstart business it has plans and ambitions.

Kens(ington) United Reform Church 

as opposed to

KEN's Fried Chicken
At £34.25 I'm well on target 

Those Doors

Back with the doors - this has a number of large houses and some commercial outlets too on this road in West Ealing.

Drayton Green Road W13 the home of Piri-Piri

A touch of Grandeur in Drayton Green Road but looks almost like a '25'

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