Thursday, January 12, 2017

Spectacles and (12)

I've been wearing spectacles for a seriously long time, when I first wore them In guess it was quite an expense for my parents who were clear in their wish for me to not wear 'National-Health' ones.

At this time though there was a frailly limited choice and the prescription was firmly tied to where you had your eyes checked.

What a difference now - many of the high street suppliers are very much tied into a BOGOF arrangement and headline with the price of frames where the important and costly bit is the lens - seems to me there's a real chance of some consolidation as   looking around on a Wednesday morning many of the retailers were painfully quiet.

Slightly irritated to find (of course) that efforts at up-selling much in evidence in the end have ordered from Vision Express where I got my current glasses, more than I anticipated  - but they provided a good service before and seem to focus as much on service as cost

I hope I made the right call


So  many churches 

Interesting to speak with my good friend Kevin yesterday about the issues around the Reformation- Kevin is from a Roman  Catholic (Irish parents) background and has some great insights (not just on this) - he mentioned too the Transubstantiation which is too a point of  differentiation between the Protestants(who dispute)  and Catholics  (who believe).

I'm reminded too of the Anglican (High) church  which I think sits somewhere between the two wings.

Camera Fund

we're now at £20.81


A load of roads referencing Australia 

And here's Number 12

Here's one for Shaky (A Green Door) at Sydney Road W13

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