Monday, January 02, 2017

Thanks Specsavers and (2)

I'm getting on well with the School of Life 'Small Pleasures' but it's got some darker items hidden away within, particularly around our physical frailties - really as soon as we're born we're in decline it's generally a case of when we really start to realise it.
Windows are a bit like eyes

On such a note there are some compensations and a pleasure I had today was to be told that my decline (with respect to my sight) is not so rapid as I might have feared,

It's just over 2 years since my last eye check up and again Specsavers are providing free tests - the test seemed pretty thorough still involving the blast of air to the eye and the reading of  various lines of text but I don't need new or stronger glasses.

I also felt during the test how nice it was for some care and interest - 'How had my general health been?' I was asked and I realised again things were not too bad - thanks for a good experience Specsavers and I expect I'll get another pair of glasses soon

I'm now at £2.44

More money

so the fund increases -only just over £450 to go!

Faith & Religion

reminded today of some of the contradictions around the holiness and 'otherness' of Jesus that Christianity is predicated on - how is he a 'man' and human' in terms of his temptations and ability to resit the 'sins of the flesh'?
A Methodist Church in Ealing

How does he feel about Mary Magdelene (who it seems is something of a biblical composite) what is attitude to his own earthly family?  Is Jesus a typical Jewish son?

Methodists it seems have a more positive image of Mary Magdalene than some other 'branches' of Christianity.

Front Doors

No 2 is in Woodbury Park Road W13
The second door

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