Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Thanks Nationwide (3)

Thanks Nationwide - seems slightly odd that they should make a gift to me for making my life easier with their credit card - received today notice of just over £13 for using it in the last year.

Better than the average bank
Now £3.57

Perhaps I should add it to my new camera a fund?

Faith and  Religion

formerly January 2nd was the Optional day for the naming of Jesus - no more it's now January 3rd - the name Jesus is still used as a first name in many Spanish speaking countries .

It's interesting to see that there are many different versions of the name around the world and that it's related to 'deliverance'.

Front Doors

Here is number 3 and it's Landscape in nearby Rosemount Road.

Only (a long) 'stone's throw' from home

I have found that Rosemount as well as being a name of an Australian Wine is the name of a plantation house in Alabama (USA)

#3 - I like this one- I wonder what year it dates from

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