Tuesday, January 10, 2017

All about Hénri and (10)

Not really they're  just by the West Ealing Mosque now
I really like the way that OPEN Ealing is developing and this as a result of  several people having a vision and working to achieve it -I'm sure there are lots of people doing this but  the people who I know there are Mandie Wilde and Nick Pearson.

Last night was the delayed (and final) lecture by Nick in his a Pie, a Pint and a Painting series - in fact the service will resume quite soon but as a Pie, a Pint and a Painter  and there were signs on yesterday's session that this was where it was going - although the talk was presented as the Painting ' Salon de rue la rue des Moulins' it pretty much covered the man himself (all four foot eight inches).

The current home of W13's Café Society

The evening comprises of a talk from Nick, (which includes the opportunity to interject and question) a drink (or two) and certainly last night a delicious pie.

Probably many of us are familiar with his dramatic 'flat' posters for the cabarets  but there was also a lot of 'real' paintings and drawings that Henri completed in his short life (he was only 37 when the combination of alcohol and syphilis brought his life to an early end).

The chance to see and have described works by Lautrec and others who had clearly influenced him (like Van Gogh  and Katsushika Hokusai )  was a real pleasure - certainly seeing an image of the  sympathetic portrait of Van Gogh that Lautrec made was a surprise to me .

In fact I went along to the session with John Kaye who happened to bring along a journal  he had that included an article on Lautrec - the book was 70 years old!

[Interesting that the way Nick described Lautrec's physical condition was that it  came about as result of accident and the practice of family inbreeding  designed to keep the wealth of the nobility amongst an elite coterie.]

Now a respectable £16.04

And back on the year longs.

I suppose I'm creating the rules as I proceed - minimum increase in a day £1.01 maximum £4.99 (unless a sudden windfall appears)  - now going well.

The doors I can record at anytime but no duplication - and preferably I will be in a position where I have a choice of at least two doors - (but am already finding  this part a challenge).

I gotta get out more

My favourite by far (so far)

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