Sunday, January 08, 2017

A (brief) return to the County of my youth (8)

A fine place to stay and dine

This weekend we were across the border from London and into Essex - the county I spent most of my early years in (Schools in Chelmsford and Braintree) , it's not, as was pointed out to me (rather sadly perhaps) all Stilettos and  Artificially Enhanced Tans.

The Bell where we stayed and ate was good value and had nice people working there

and he Di(n) ed
Known as 'PVC' he stayed 

In fact Horndon on the Hill where me met and dined is quite rural and we over-nighted in the  former home village of a (it seems) motorcycle Legend  Philip Vincent it was (perhaps is) also home to John Tusa (formerly boss of BBC World Service) - who has had an interesting career and a fascinating heritage arriving in the UK before WW II.

And now at £11.04
Before both of these significant figures it seems Horndon on the Hill had a period where it was strongly Catholic and in the 16th Century Thomas Higbed was dispatched from this earth as a result of his faith  (and failure to renounce it) thus achieving martyrdom .

More about that réunion soon...

Am still on the case(s)

In a posh established area - part of Kensington and Chelsea provides us with #8

Looking on Zoopla seems that as behind the door is a  1 bedroom flat  that would be about £10,000 per month to rent or £3.5m to purchase (i'm not too sure that I can really believe this!)

Phillimore Gardens - well established.

Imposing Halls adjoining property

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