Saturday, January 28, 2017

About books and (28)

The second book I'm close to completing is called 'Small Pleasures' from the School of Life.

I'm not someone who routinely underlines or highlights bits in books but I had to reach for the pencil this morning when I saw this (from page 200 of the book).

"We are deeply peculiar organisms; we are mysteries to one another and to ourselves; we don't really know why we ourselves do what we do half the time."

This seems to me such a pertinent point that we so often disregard and although our normal belief  is that  we make 'rational decisions' but the fact is that modern neurological research is pointing us towards the idea that we make instinctual choices and then intellectually justify them.

it was £14.99 is it an example?

Differential Pricing

And on the subject of books - I made a deal with myself that if the 'Pop Revolution' published by Tate was still on sale at £1 when I returned to Waterstones I'd buy it - I'm hoping that it'll chime with the short Citylit course I start next week 'Introduction to Tate Modern'. The book is marked at £14.99 and has got some really good reviews- why is it on sale at £1?

I don't think this is the same as Price Discrimination with reference to  Differential Pricing of which we now have practical experience from such applications as the purchasing of airline tickets.

I suppose we all take part in accepting that we'll pay more for our goods when we go to Waitrose or M&S than we would when visitng Aldi or Lidl- but are we making the decision on a somewhat subcoscious level, are we thinking  - it's a treat or 'the people are more like me' -?

Another milestone as I hit £40

Another street I've lived in (briefly in 1979) is York Terrace East- sharing a room with a US student at ISH (the International Student House) quite good fun and incredibly central London location it remains (I think) the poshest address I've had.

Not far from Regent's Park

Here's No 28 and an area I know

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