Monday, January 23, 2017

The journey to and from (23)

Alighting at Camden Station
Often these days we here told of near apocryphal meaning about a journey.
Here's a bit about the 'journey' house for which Number 23 is the identification (and from it too)

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that we'd watched the film The Lady in the Van it ended with a shot of the house that the action was centred on and a fictional' blue plaque being unveiled.

So decided to seek out the house where Alan Bennett lived at the time of the story - seems it's now used by a photographer but I snapped it anyway  (you can see and hear more from Alan here)

The film (and story) were interesting in that they were also  about the relationship between  Alan and his mother running parallel with 'The Lady'.

The visit also revealed to me how close Camden is to the 'West End' on a bright winter's day it made for a lovely walk - although I did sort of get moved along when taking photo's in some posh areas (more about the walk soon).

Posh Houses

And Gloucester Gate is adorned beautifully

What is staggering is the splendour of the Nash terraces - the one in Gloucester Gate particularly stood out (and has been noted by others) it's a lot more exclusive than Gloucester Crescent.

The Matilda Statue also on my walk

And more contemporary in Camden

The fund continues to  accumulate.

Now at £33.15

That Door

Well here it is after all that fuss - but a picture I like anyway

NW1 sounds better than Camden

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