Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Well that's what Brexit means, Victoria Birkenshaw and (18)

How the i saw it today
Well we now know what Brexit means as far as Theresa is concerned and I think many of us sort of already knew but preferred to be puzzled by, clinging on to the idea that we'd secretly stay in the EU - well it means getting out of the EU and all that goes with that in terms of 'free' (or free-ish for EU citizens anyway)  movement.

The way this is going so far for the UK government is far better than many anticipated - with elections in Germany and France in the not too far distant future the European Super State project is perhaps heading for more trouble.

On the other side of the Atlantic  with the Donald inauguration later this week the Anglo-Saxon axis is in the ascendancy - doesn't mean it's right  or good but that the Realpolitik  (as they say in some quarters).

Not about our PM it seems

Challenge for the British Tories now  is keeping the 'Hard Remainers'  like Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry on side, as well as managing to accommodate the SNPs  desires- and the Labour opposition  too will need to decide where it stands.

 Victoria Birkenshaw's  Guardianship 

Oddly caught a mention of  what Photographer Victoria Birkenshaw did as a project (Guardianship) - she took pictures of (near) identical flats and their tenants showing how the same basic topology was dealt with by a variety of people and needs - oddly bewitching.

I've got £27.40 and it's growing

The Doors of Perception

Here's a door I forgot to take a picture of the road sign for - but here's a map.

Green marks the spot and the door!

It's in Broughton Road W13 - what does Broughton mean here  seems it's derived from broken land

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