Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gove, The Future's Non Linear (TV) 17

I don't know how self aware the current wave of Conservative  politicians are but I can't help feeling that Michael Gove is not one of the most in touch with the electorate.

 Having thoroughly p**sed off his colleagues and hit his cabinet return into the long grass he's returned (despite having the job of  MP) to the bosom of Rupert Murdoch's press empire (at a rumoured £140,000 per year) and is shameless as he continues to offer Trump the 'thumbs up' (let me know your idea for him here.)
schedule your own?

TV Schedulers beware 

For longer than I should I've held to the convention that the TV scheduler still holds us in their thrall - looking back at the last w/e I realise that even for me this view is fast becoming history.

We watched non-live programmes from the  BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and even Five -these included the thoroughly amusing Not Going Out (featuring Lee Mack), Room 101 (another Avalon Production)  The Halcyon (which I like) and some US shows too.

Be nice if you could actually assemble as a mini schedule yourself (but that's probably what there was quite a fuss about sometime back) - Youview is the closest to doing this across a few channels  but looks well clunky to me.

Having said that thoroughly enjoyed viewing the 1000th Pointless as it was transmitted - great fun from Alexander and  Richard.

Now rocking the £26.39 figure

Doors of the Year (or the year of the Doors)

A big bold Claret Front Door is coming in at No 17 - loo at the Glass above the door - bit of a classic

A dirty sign points the way

A sort of claret I suppose

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