Monday, October 10, 2016

Ealing Cinema Good News and Red 22

A new screen or two 
The news that building work on Ealing's former cinema site is broadly  welcome - hopefully amongst the flats and coffee shops there will be some screens to show films on.

One of the effects of the development coming to life is the end of the Bond Street (Ealing) Pop Up shops -- it's going to be part of the new 'quarter'.

The Pop Up shop 

This November (7th -20th)  I'll again be resident at the old YMCA building  as part of a collaboration with Helen Trevisiol-Duff but chances are it'll be the last time we get to use the place.

We've started our joint planning and the invites will go out soon.

It'll be in the email 

Some work to do before we open

Red 22

There are a load of things labelled red - for one reason or another the Red Setter being an example

Looks like a great pet

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