Monday, October 31, 2016

Another Ealing Gallery (Temporary) and Red 1- the end of the 365

Mostra Art Space W5 5AA

So yesterday mentioned an Ealing Art Gallery (permamant) here's the temporary one at 16 Bond Street W5 5AA - Polish artist and gallery (Mostra) with diverse work on show.

The artist is now focusing on Mythology but earlier work shows connections with Caravaggio (and I think Braques).

Great use of the empty unit.

References to classical art and mythology  on show

Red 1

I've been thinking about how I'd finish (my almost) year long quest, I thought about using others Red centred  work  or going out and painting something  Red (my shed?)

But this would have gone against the direction of what I've done which was  something that contained  elements of  'chance and serendipity'.

So  in the end I came across this in a nearby shop last week (I didn't mess with it)  and it kind of summarises the endeavour.

The Project has acted as a mixture of Diary and provided some Photographic favourites  (for me) too.

Sort of sums it up
Tomorrow we wrap it up (it was a Leap Year)  - if you're in London come and have a chat with me about it (and the next project too )  at Ealing, Bond Street Pop up from 11th November  until about 20th
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