Friday, October 14, 2016

At London's (New) Design Museum and Red 18

Well it'll be 41 now

Yesterday spent some time at what was the Commonwealth Institute and what will be in 41 days time the 'New' home for London's Design Museum - I was volunteer tour guide for about 18 months at the previous Bermondsey incarnation and am hoping to be involved with the November re-boot.

As you can read (from Wallpaper)  here it's been quite a transformation

The shop is already open and it's got the high end stuff we all like - being in the building there's something of a pre-launch buzz and expectations are high - 3 times the space of the old former banana Warehouse and expecting a similar multiple on the visitors.

A place for cool gifts (including Christmas ones) 

So there's a bit of a media blackout on the new Design Museum in terms of internal photographs but I can reveal that it's well design-ery, nice clean lines and a setting for exhibitions that won't distract.

Sir Terence Conran (the prime mover behind the establishment of the Design Museum) had a bit of a birthday bash (his 85th) last week and I gather that what they have so far seemed to work okay.

Expect something of a media storm as the go-live date gets close

 Red 18

Perhaps a bit subtle? But it was at the Design Museum (behind the trees)  and those are very Red strides

Guys- It seems if you're carrying a couple of golf clubs you can get away with more sartorially adventurous outfits  

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