Thursday, October 27, 2016

Eating out at Isabella's W5 and Red 5

A pleasant meal and I find my judgement lacking (again)
It's odd how quickly we forget - I'm saying this in connection with the changing face of Shops, Cafés and Restaurants.

{Like the New Broadway Pizza Hut which then became Maggie's and now is a Turkish 'Mikla' cafe}

After a few months it can be difficult really to recall what went before (unless you've got the photo's!)

Anyway the other day we had a meal in one of the new restaurants in Ealing's Bond Street, Isabella's Kitchen  and I enjoyed it but I think the place used to be (something like) The New Leaf China Restaurant but I'm not 100% sure.

I had thought while the premises  were being fitted out it was going to be Spanish - from the name but it's actually an Italian with quite a short menu, lots of Pizzas and some Pasta and 'Carne' dishes, I had a sort of Kebab which was very nice.

We ate upstairs as it was actually considering it was a weekday pretty busy and the service we had  was good the table next to us had a family  birthday celebration in full swing and when the party left they passed on the remainder of their wine which I thought was incredibly kind - Meal was reasonably priced too - we didn't have the Pizza (apart from a Bruschetta  starter version) but the small looked a fair size so goodness knows how the regular was.

Another variety of Cafe that'll opens soon - it's past the old cinema site in Ealing

Red 5

I'm not sure that it really looks like me - but it's Red

I thought I was much taller

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