Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BEAT Fallout and Red 21

Local artist John Kaye impressed
Nice to get out yesterday and meet a couple involved in the (BEAT) Ealing Art Trail last month - as well as reaching out the initiative has also worked as a networking opportunity - hopefully we'll be able to help one another in the coming months (before the next event|).

Sometimes it's good to just step in and do a small favour with out needing to make invoices and go all 'business-like'.

The work that was shown during BEAT w/es and the fields covered by those involved is pretty wide -

For hire (or to help)

Hi-Fi Phone calls

Some time back I mentioned I'd had a very good quality phone call (mobile to mobile) - another one last week - be interesting to know what the conditions are for these - they're great (do you know?)

Red 21

Only 3 weeks more of the 'Reds'

Here's a local estate agent who is using the colour in their message

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