Thursday, October 13, 2016

RTS/IET IBC report back and Red 19

Sorry for the three letter acronyms (TLA's) but yesterday evening I attended a review of what some of the Broadcast 'players had seen at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) - it's held annualy in Amsterdam and not so many years ago I would have tried to make it out there.
IET HQ Savoy Place - after the talk - more talk

The event was organised by the Royal Television Society (RTS for many years I was a member) and it was held at the   IET HQ (Institute of Engineering Technology) in Savoy Place (a former home for the BBC) .

In fact it's a great way to find out what's happening without using the shoe leather of adding more CO2.

The panel had some good people
led by the chair Nigel Walley (of Decipher Media Group) - seems Nigel is the expert on the Beach bar!

The panel was

Tom Marshall  Tom producer a daily 'What Caught My Eye at the show and is  Creative Director, captive north 

Stephanie Scheller - Head of Business Development, APPINESS - Stephanie focused on Metadata and we saw how it can be sued to enhance the TV viewing experience to enable us to buy clothes and ephemera as we watch 'Big Bang' or get all the ingredients for a recipe on one of the many cooking shows.  

Craig Buckland - Business Development Lead, Media, Gaming and Technology, Vodafone - 

Graham Turner - Chairman, Multimedia Communications Network, IET  spoke about 'piracy' and the lag in discovering breaches typically 200 days and then the content can be all over the web

As far as I could extrapolate   TV is changing - our big (UK) players (even the BBC) are minnows with major players being North American or Asian.

TV is fast becoming owned by Facebook, Apple and Amazon - data is invincible - there's talk of Disney and Netflix coming together and in Europe there have been hints around a possible Havas Vivendi deal
Funny to think Lego is now a 'media asset'

What I liked was the point one of the panel made about how we overestimate short term impact (say one year) and underestimate the long term (say 10 years) I recall how Ampex then Sony and Avid dominated broadcasting with their  hardware - now  it's about social media and search - content may be king but leveraging it is all important too.

Some amusement (for me) from a punter attending who proclaimed he had no need of the BBC (And a TV licence) he was supremely satisfied with all that YouTube provided him with.

Just in

Oh yes great News about Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan - Fantastic.

Red 19

At Tate Britain yesterday and took a look at the four Turner Prize Nominees - I liked them all this Red scale model part of the work of Josephine Pryde - more on Josephine and the other nominees in the next few days.

Short train running  

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