Sunday, October 16, 2016

EU debate continues - Determinism versus Free Will and Red 16

So the Brexiteers and their supporters appear to be finding themselves increasingly rattled -reading Mathew Parris  on  his  party colleague Michael Gove is seems that Gove has been  able to blame his opponents for their negativity in causing the events to confirm the Remainers view on the folly of leaving the EU - wouldn't it be great if we'd had a cooling off period and people could change their minds as they reflected on the outcome and effect of exit?
An absolute lie on NHS funding from Boris & Mike?

Were  the battles over the EU within the Tory leadership anything beyond internal bad blood and thwarted ambitions?


Determinism versus Free Will

I really found Alain de Botton's piece (within the School of Life)  on what governs our lives Free will or Determinism useful, intellectually I'm not too sure that it's either  and the idea of it being a blend of the two seems to work better  - of course the mind set we use to get us through the day to day is what is important - if we err with an attitude too far towards self will we will (generally) blame ourselves for things that we would in reality  have practically no control over.

Those who believe that all they achieve is by fierce determination in battling the odds - beating Cancer, winning despite their opponent having had a better start in life will ultimately be defeated by the onset of time.

One on every High Street?

Similarly irritating  are those who give up at the first set-back, 'I'm unlucky' or it's God's will are unlikely to be able to take credit for a good result from the effort they expended.

So in fact we should enjoy luck and victory but recognise that things might have gone differently - if we do not feel there's a greater power at work we can at least celebrate the accident that has given us the chance to 'take the ride'

It's an interesting exercise too to investigate the far edges of our memories - things we only just recall - perhaps then looking at it with someone else who shared the event.

One of  the ideas of human memory is that recalling actually tampers with the 'stored;' version when we go back again the  recall is slightly altered -does it mean (if the event is only recalled via memories) that we've changed history?

The idea that 'truth ' is less than intrinsic is a complex issue but my conviction on a past experience can I think be wrong (but remain true to me).

Red 16

16 Chard and what do you get?

Chard- A plant full of Red goodness

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