Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Politics of the Possible and Red 12

To my mind the smoke signals and releases  coming from the UK government on the decision on London's airport expansion do not reflect well on the need for a strong approach to the anti-EU vote of this summer.

Should the decision to fudge and prevaricate  be the one that prevails (as in kicking the can down the road) British business will be left worrying about the decisiveness of intent and an opportunity for new British jobs will be at best delayed.

Many people felt that on becoming Prime-Minister Theresa May her pledges were something more than empty rhetoric but already she seems to be embroiled in battling the treasury and second guessing some of her more errant colleagues - No decision on Heathrow may spur  on Gatwick to proceed with its own expansion regardless  and depending on the phrasing of the announcement Zac Goldsmith may decide to delay his by-election but these are small scale wins for the PM and do not show the clear decisive direction that the electorate hanker for.

My first home -Now and   30 years or so ago

Affordable Housing

A price beyond many 

At the same time as London faces decision delay on the Airport expansion housing prices in the capital remain beyond the reach of many - looking in a local estate agent I noticed for rent a 'starter' home in the road (in Ealing) where I bought my first house many years ago - it's up for rent at £1,500 pcm - unattainable for many on above average pay now.

Surely if Government can effect change housing is an area they should focus on.

Red 12

Nature's bounty again with a very Red  Hawthorn berry

Hawthorn Berry  you can make a jelly with them.

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