Wednesday, October 05, 2016

More 365 and Red 27

Noah's not alone
I suppose there are advantages and disadvantages to not realising that there are many others taking a look at the 365 idea (doing something each day)  -I'd not realised about 365 Project run by Ross Scrivener he is UK based and I will get in touch with him I hope
In fact the Ross version is very much on a photographic template but I had an idea the other day following a call with a friend who is big on languages - if you translated a page each day you'd soon have done a whole book!

I'm sure there are other things like this too -I suppose making a daily calendar would work too.

We all need a helping hand

A hand up not a handout (or perhaps the opposite).

Red 27

What a nice Red thought..

A kind thought and increasingly seen on 'Dustbin' day near me

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