Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Older Photo's and Red 28

I've had a couple of incidents where I've lost a whole load of files (including photo's) and weeks (or months) ago I expressed a desire to get organised with a database, and named images.

Well I also mentioned some time ago that I'd got my self a Wireless Plus back up/portable storage unit from Seagate - like all technology items I come across these days it seems mighty impressive it can hold 2 Terabytes of stuff and it can stream HD video as well.

I've hooked it up and found a few pictures I thought were lost including this one which I'm going to print up and have in the Pop up in November .

Taken in Glasgow a couple of years back
I also came across this one on my Blackberry Playbook, it's a few years ago when we were in Cyprus and  I'm going to make an  A4 mounted print  at least (perhaps a few postcards too).

A bit 'Chocolate box' but a pretty good image (I think)

Red 28

It used to be that the story of Globalisation was told by a single T-Shirt in a 'Thrift'  shop, Well what about this Red Apollo Garlic carton?

Out of the box/Look at the box  -Packed for Dynatech Stanmore, UK  by JCH Ltd Shandong China 

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