Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Save our Allotments and Red 20

A date for your diary 
At the end of this month there's a celebration of All Saints Day which is known as Halloween - since I was a child it has become more of  an event in the UK even eclipsing Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night.

The 10% under threat is a surprisingly large area

While a threat hangs over Northfields Allotments (in Ealing UK) the occasion will be used to welcome locals to enjoy the facility with a 'spooky' theme.

Surely better to preserve the flourishing allotments than for it to become concrete 

It's sad that a well used and appreciated green space could be diminished to add to the area of England that is 'developed' hopefully the strong local support  will make those behind the project look at other options.

Red 20

Rather intriguing that this Red monster 'The Nightwatchmen'  would entice youngsters to part with their pocket money to see -Road works!

What no bollards? (seen in Portsmouth Museum)

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