Saturday, October 15, 2016

2016 Turner prize shortlist at Tate Britain and Red 17

As promised a bit more on the  shortlist for this years Turner Prize ( I had a picture  of part of Josephine Pryde's work  a few days ago), I think the lineup is better than 2014.

To me it seems like a good bunch of work with the entrants being 3 women and one man with a bit of bias towards artists from the North of England - The Tate seems to be keeping faith with a fair(er) representation for women artists.

Helen's work included this - reminiscent of a Doll's House?

Not so long ago I mentioned Helen Marten (showing at Serpentine Sackler) and it's true to say that the work she has on show is engaging and intriguing but (to me) a little too 'craft orientated.

[Helen hails from Macclesfield.]

Anthea Hamilton had work on show that hinted at Magritte - particularly the June sky and the Brick suit against the Brick wall paper - the work that's getting the media coverage is 'the bum' originally conceived as a building entry (I think).

Made me think of Rene

An odd idea but great for selfies

The final artist was the single short-lised male entrant he's Michael Dean and his work about UK Poverty was probably the most arresting item on show - Michael's from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Michael Dean's take on UK poverty definition a lot of pennies  
Finally the comments from the public  on the entrants  are a work too - here's one that caught my eye.

A view of some merit perhaps

Red 17

I don't know -do we still have to call them Boris Bikes?

A display of 'Red' biking perspective in Kensington,  West London

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