Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Delivery and fulfilment along with Red 14

In the 'developed' world one of the major changes over the last 5 years or so has been  the ease with which we can explore the 'long tail' of pretty much everything from media (like music and movies) to consumer items.
Headphones but mic too

As the market tends towards the mythical economic 'perfect' one, price becomes uniform and  a differentiatior  becomes the satisfactory delivery and fulfilment of the order - I've recently had several orders that have come incredibly quickly but sadly amongst them have been two where the orders have had errors (a shortage with one and an error with the other).

The problem with errors is that they require further 'to-ing' and 'fro-ing' and trips to post office (or equivalent)

What we can expect in the future is better (and free?)  delivery (or arrangements where we can collect) - perhaps those drones and driver-less cars.

We might as well of course have  the possibility of constructing locally various items ourselves via 3-D printing too.

Red 14

Rather poignant little shoe at front of Cóte Ealing

A Red bootee in a planter just by a local restaurant 

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