Monday, October 17, 2016

Back in the Ealing Gazette and Red 15

As shown in paper and ...

Seems like quite a break on an appearance for one of my photographs in the local paper both in terms of  having a picture there and the time between submission and publication (I'm not sure if there's a guideline working here that stops the picture being 'News' as it would have been when submitted and a general readers' picture which it could be now).

The picture was of local artist and co-BEAT participant John Kaye -nice to see it, but it reminded me of why I prefer to show my own photographs' as I'm not a fan of the way it was cropped.

A more complete illustration of John
[they changed my words too -these were mine

The Ealing ART Trail (BEAT)  weekends this month  had a great range of Arts and Artists.
One of busiest venues was The Orchard Cafe and the big hit there was John Kaye (94) with his Modernist Sculptures, John's already planning his exhibition for 2017 ]

Red 15

This is another flavour of Red from local shopping centre

A Red Tent with a rather odd window detail

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