Sunday, October 09, 2016

Politics and Red 23

Political issues are impacting UK citizens and there's (in my opinion) a rocky road ahead.

Following the Brexit vote in June we've had something of a 'honeymoon' period where much of the population seems to feel it's all over where in fact it's just begun.

Theresa May made clear her desire to set her own agenda as Prime-minister but the fact is that she will learns as PMs before her have that  events are what inform the landscape that she must operate in and the events on Friday around the fall of the value of the pound in HK markets could give a taste of the roller-coaster that lies ahead.
Useful for our Mandarins?

Despite some playing to the gallery on the new UK 'Super' power station (and China's involvement)  the Real Politic was always a forgone conclusion for continuation of the status quo on the deal and once Petrol prices and  the effect of other raw material costs on the UK consumer are seen management  of the  domestic situation will become more and more challenging.

The idea that the three ministers looking after the mechanics of our disentanglement have got a plan is optimistic to say the least - our hope should be that the professional mandarins working on the details are motivated by clear goals set by the ministers is perhaps a step beyond reality.

Of course the possibility of the Cabinet (including Boris 'I'll lay in front of the diggers' Johnson) agreeing a Heathrow 3rd runway is going to start a shock-wave that will further destabilise government and of course the value of the pound in the world currency markets.

It's hard to mention the challenges the UK government faces without considering the unusual strategy being pursued by Jeremy Corbyn (leader of Her Majesty's opposition) and his 'comrades'.

Unity by promoting Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti  to such senior posts appears to me to be a sign of victory and domination - when fighting selective education two women who demonstrate such hypocrisy on the choices they have made for their own offspring strikes me as being counter intuitive - how can we judge our elected representatives (and in the case of Shami those chosen by their leaders) in another way that looking at what they say and what they do?

It'll be an interesting  two and a half years as the UK disengages from the 'single market'   and hopefully the 'hard working  families of the UK Men and Women' won't have to pay too high a price for the ill judged strategy started David Cameron and continued by Theresa May to hold the Tories together at whatever cost.

Red 23

And keeping on the Political line

A  supporter nails their colours to the front window

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