Sunday, October 02, 2016

Back to Dickens Yard, the rain and Red 30

I've taken a fair few pictures of the ongoing development that's come to dominate the centre of Ealing over the last 2 years (including one of my Pictures of the week).

Back in May 2014

 In July 2015 -   some idea of the scale emerges

Truth is that the last few months have seen some pretty rapid changes and the effect of the apartments being inhabited will soon start to be seen be felt with (presumably) increased footfall in local retail and more trade in the Restaurants, Bars and Cafés.

Dickens Yard Yesterday - Not looking a Billion dollars to me but certainly several Million  

From what I've heard a fair few of the residences are being sold to overseas investors but that doesn't mean they'll remain empty letting potential is good and Crossrail is not far away (nor that Heathrow  expansion decision - which'll be a test for the UK Government's resolve and the convictions of Boris Johnson).

I'll be keeping an eye on the Dickens Yard over the months to come often from my favoured vantage point, the roof of the nearby  Springbridge Car Park.

It's good to see the effect of weather conditions have on what's a routine view of an area I know and how the camera deals with it.

I was caught in a  few of yesterday's showers - tried to get some pictures - here's one I quite like

One  shower of many we had yesterday 

Red 30

A little odd Red stick  - I think it's probably for an agent's board

A firmly anchored wooden stake - in Red

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