Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ealing Gallery and Red 2

A Gallery in Ealing - definitely welcome
So on chatting with Tim Layden the other day we got to talking about his work (without him)  touring China and the subject of showing his work more locally.

Interesting to learn that there's a high-endish Gallery in Ealing just by St Mary's Church (Felix and Spear)  - I hope it does well but it's a challenge to get people to travel away from the usual Mayfair/West End artistic homeland and when I passed by last week it sis look quiet.

Looking trough the window I see they have an exhibition of  predominantly  Oil on Canvas works by the  painter  Richard Cook  - 'She Lies Within My Sleep', hope to have a proper look soon.

Stone Circle (2014) by Richard Cook

Pumpkin Trail 

Well I couldn't believe the numbers at yesterday's Northfields Allotments Pumpkin Trail - weather was very kind and this is obviously (in retrospect) just the sort of event that local people will get out of their armchairs for - Children of course like the spooky.

The hard work by the organisers paid off in getting more coverage and publicity around the desire of 'Pathways' to change the use of part of the site.

A Message going out to Pathways?

Pop Concert like crowds 

Red 2

Well keeping with the Allotment/Halloween theme - decorations (understated) on Plot 202 included these 'Bloody' Red Hands

The Red hand of Halloween beckons to the end of the project..

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