Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Final Leap Brochures and Red 6

Only about week until my 365 (or 366) project is over-ish and  I'm trying to prepare some contents for the shop Helen and I will use for a few days next month.

Read left to right


First time I've lined up these two prints that sort of work as a pair (StarWars Storm-troopers)  and am doing a selection of slightly varied brochures about the 'enterprise' too

Worksodhy (To rhyme with rhapsody) 

The Orchard Boys drinks  venue -The Drayton
I'm after coining some new words - for this one it'll be a portmanteau job.

I was out having a drink with artist friends John and Tim (I hope they're okay with me calling them friends I'm sure they'll not have a problem with the 'artist' - we were together at BEAT Orchard Café) - we got to talking about how you can get lost in stuff (when you're in the Zone)  - I'm not sure that the stuff can be described as work and I forgot to tell them it's called 'flow'.

Red 6

This time of year it's obvious that 'greenery isn't always

Autumnal Reds

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