Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pre-Christmas stuff and Red 10

A display accoutrement 
Off to Kingson (both 'Royal' on Thames) yesterday not with any clear plan in mind but something of a lock-down next week (lots to do)  pleased to get a bargain price Dart easel (late birthday present from Cass Art) and a little 'ladder' for showing prints.

A tripod
[Please note our Ealing Pop Up now starting November 10th - more on that soon.]

Christmas stuff already in the shops - seems to me a fine line between 'Quirky' and 'Tatt' BHS always used to have a lot of their 'Novelty' gifts on Sale for most of the year perhaps retailers should be cautious but the big mark-ups would I'm sure tempt.

I'm sure Marmite (the brand) are rubbing their hands together after the recent free advertising - it though will be recalled as part of the post Brexit blues and a £14.95 jigsaw seems to be just rubbing salt into the wound.

Imagine the forced smile as you unwrap your Marmite Jigsaw puzzle

Red 10

And perhaps to file under novelty the M&Ms  a nice bug Red M

They've got a West end store too

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