Sunday, October 23, 2016

More at the Saatchi and Red 9

The smell of oil is something I'm forever associating with the Saatchi Gallery because of the work of Richard Wilson (20:50) - have tried to capture the scope of his site specific installation there.

an odd 360 degrees
I'm hoping that it doesn't similarly suggest flogging a dead horse  or a load of pots  - what I generally get when I visit the gallery is a air of 'cool' and a slower pace from the rest of London - The man behind the venue doesn't get a great media coverage (in terms of his persona) but he does give us a place worth pausing in.

Jerusalem Donkey (2015)  by Mia Feuer 

Maha Malluh's Burnt Pots (570 of them)

I like their shop too

A part of their shop

Red 9

We've had a few Red Phones (354 and 60)  - this'll be the last and the 'Bling-iest'

A phone for a Princess?

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