Friday, October 07, 2016

Marc Camille Chaimowicz and Red 25

And Helen tommorow 
At the Serpentine Gallery yesterday and saw two very different exhibitions (more on Helen Marten tomorrow).

What I liked about the work of French born Artist  Marc Camille Chaimowicz was his use of space (in 3 Dimensions), his influences go far beyond traditional painters touching on  literature (Proust for example) and the Glam Rock of the 1970's was much in evidence too.

The work Celebration? Real life was like a student bedsit on party night complete with an evocative David Bowie soundtrack (gosh he was good songwriter  when he was on form).

[I see there's an associated book - let me know if you rate it - email]

A view onto Celebration? Real Life

Also other work demonstrated a strong design approach using various materials and concepts - his work has elements of performance and the  individual displays suggest so much.

A range of textures

A set designers eye

Oddly I was drawn back to the 1972 work above all else and I'm not too sure what my take-on the show would have been without that work of around 40 years ago.

Red 25

And part of Marc's work used a striking Red light

When You're young a Red'  light can seem right trendy

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