Friday, October 28, 2016

Ealing Hairdressers, Heathrow favoured and Red 4

Say it Loud and Proud 
I quite often hear bits of the Jeremy Vine Radio programme (BBC Radio 2 weekday lunchtimes) - I like the sincerity that the host brings to the topicality of the show.

Last week I think it was I heard an interview of one of the guys from South Ealing's M&M hairdressers, the 'salon' has hit the news in the past for its' Mickey take of the North Korean dictator's short back and sides haircut (his father's was even worse) - seems it brought about an intervention from the staff of the nearby embassy (it's rather oddly a 'normal' looking house on the North Circular Road).

They've got a winning formula for publicity and bring a smile to the face of passers by  - The display now is of the two leading contenders for the US presidency .
M&M Hair Academy display an even handed approach to US politics 

Heathrow favoured

So the government has made a sort of decision on London's airport expansion, Zac Goldsmith is calling a sort of referendum (No 'official Tory will oppose him the Richmond By-Election).

It does seem puzzling that the opinion that the Prime-Minister had about the extra air traffic previously has now been revised.

Of course Crossrail leads to Heathrow 

There are two pretty big questions that do need answering:

1) Is extra airport capacity needed in the crowded South East?

 and if it is

2) Why are the Tory Government  not going with the quicker, cheaper speedier alternative - Gatwick that 'solution'  destroys far less homes and has a lower impact on the lives of the people living in the  capital?

This story has I feel quite a lot of (air) mileage in it!

Red 4

25 years of the Big Issue and a Red vest..

Sometimes it feels like 'Us and Them'.

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