Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Gargoyles - And The (Red) Leap is made

A gargoyle (it will let water out)
And the opposite number

I (and probably most of us) like a bit of  trivial knowledge.

 At  a National Gallery (London) talk last month I learnt that Gargoyles (from the French Gargouille  meaning Throat/Gullet )  should be a  water passing addition, typically on a Gothic style construction - here are a couple deployed ornamental-ly in someone's front garden.

And here are a couple of Dogs.

And The Leap is Made

366 images and 365 of them taken by me (this was the first) - it's at an end now.

This is the image that brings the project to its conclusion and it's hopefully with a smile that we finish (before the next 'idea' gets underway) - I will try and get more interest for what I've done as it's been good (for me) and reckon others too could enjoy  - if you want to have a go get in touch or have a look at Noah Scalin's book.

And I don't think it'll be quiet but a bit less red

And here's the link to a 20 minute video of the whole lot - get yourself a cup of tea and a bit of cake and enjoy ..

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