Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More on Ryde and Red 62

We took the catamaran over to IoW 

There was something odd about the Isle of Wight, or Ryde anyway.

Just a small break between the mainland and the Island made for a definite change and the culture felt different.
A preserved 'Victorian' Arcade

Maybe it's the Princess/Queen Victoria connection  but the place has an almost genteel quality to it still.

Despite having all the mod cons time felt  slower and it did seem like we had walked back 15 years or so ago (in some respects even longer) - there was Scooter weekend during the bank holiday but it was far from the 'threatening' bank holidays of the 60's when Mods and Rockers would have battled on English sea-fronts.
Always 1953 in Ryde

How unsurprising that there's a museum to Saucy Postcard-Meister  Donald McGill and a commemoration to the shop raid (in 1953).

A number of 1960's relics were on show

I like the picture below the figures paddling/wading remind me of the work of contemporary artist  Liam O'Farrell - and the modern skyline behind juxtaposes old summer holiday pursuits with more moderns concerns.

'Warning' - Modern Life Ahead

Red 62

This isn't the IoW but slightly disappointed to find that they like us have wheelie bins (thanks 'On the Wight)

A squeegee 

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